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Paul Hopkins founder of Boxes 4 Soldiers

Standing as candidate MP for North Warwickshire & Bedworth

Paul Hopkins is running for office with a clear mission: to use his position in Westminster to help serving and veteran military personnel. By campaigning on behalf of your needs, Paul aims to make a real difference in your lives and ensure you receive the support you deserve.

Royal Air Force Wishlists become RAF Care Packages

When you are serving away from home RAF personnel can now receive family & friends care package with goodies that you have chosen, use the B4S shopping list database or add your own products to build your unique wishlist.

Royal Air Force personnel when away from home can now register, search the B4S shopping database and choose your own wishlist of items that you need or would like sent in a care package.   Your friends and family can look through the list and choose what they want to post, go out shopping and simply put them into a goodie box / shoebox and post it by Royal Mail via the BFPO, its that simple.

B4S for the Royal Air Force

Helping you to support RAF service personnel while they are away from home.

The B4S idea started its development several years ago, we realized there was something missing, yes there were forums and blogs with lists of what you can send and wonderful charities collecting ‘stuff’ on those lists to randomly send to serving military personnel around the world, but nobody was willing to spend the time and money developing what everyone really needed.

We have something really special and we are offering it completely free to use, our only income is from advertising so please support our sponsors.

Royal Air Force Care Packages, print the PDF & go Shopping

Register with B4S Today

As a member of the Royal Air Force RAF, you simply login, setup your account & add the items you need or want, then fill out the BFPO address details & share your wishlist with your friends & family, its that simple.

Friends & Family

Royal Air Force friends and family care packages, we have made supporting you easy. Justo register & connect with your friend(s) & they can select the items from your wishlist that they want to send, they download the Pdf and go shopping.

Printing & using the Pdf

By printing the Pdf, your supporters can use it to go shopping, ticking off the items they have brought. Pack everything in a shoebox, fold the pdf shopping list & simply tape it to the box with your BFPO address showing, with all the goodies inside, then drop it off at the post office, we hope its that easy for you and for them.

PDF shopping list, fold & attach to package

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A completely free website & mobile apps specifically to support British Military personnel to get care packages, more importantly to get what the need or want rather than loads of well meaning but not required stuff.

If you are in the British armed forces and want to show your friends, relatives & people or supportive organisations who wish to show their support can now get in touch with you and send care packages with what you actually need, you control what they send.

Tongue-in-cheek, but some military personnel do not have a wide circle of friends & family outside of the Army, Navy or RAF; Regiment, ship or wing you attached to, but want care packages. Charities offer this, but you will get random items from well wishers, B4S is different as you can list what you actually need or want, list all your preferred requirements and share them and we will also try to support you as best we can. This part of the project is being developed so please offer your ideas and feedback on how we can improve it for you.

B4S is a completely free service forever, we do ask you visit the sponsors page and buy from all our advertisers. We need your support to to be able to afford to develop and constantly improve the project to support as many British militaty with receiving care packages.

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